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The Hummingbird

By: Colibrìaccessories

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Felted handmade brooch embroidered with Czech beads

Ejeni Kaldrikyan - Colibrìaccessories by Ejeni

I was born and raised in Yerevan. As a child I loved rummaging through my Grandmother's sewing kit, craft accessories. All I remember is the inner satisfaction from the process. I grew up creative, loved sewing dresses from flaps for dolls, painting, sculpting from clay. Another remarkable memory is visiting “Vernisage” with my Mother, buying paintings, and the famous art store "Salon" on Toumanyan street. All this left an impact on my vision of beauty and style perception. After school I was admitted to the Faculty of Philology. Of course this put my “creative” future a step back, but fortunately, it was a temporary fallback. By the end of the day, my starvation for creativity, emotions and the new business allowed me to reveal my potential in а new way.