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Pendant "Van Kingdom"

By: Arm Root

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Sterling Silver

Collection “VAN” or “Van Kingdom”

The kingdom of Urartu that had spread east and south from the region of Lake Van in Western Armenia left a heritage such as the crescent-shaped silver pectoral which is now kept in the Miho museum of the Kyoto city as a feminine silver necklace of unique beauty from the Kingdom of Van going back to 8th-7th century B.C.E.           

This crescent-shaped silver pectoral's imagery is complex. It’s real width is 18.4 cm. It features three sacred trees, so called, inhabited by striding fantastic winged quadrupeds. Two identical rows of two-legged winged creatures approach the central tree with drawn bows while two winged genii kneel on opposite sides of the crescent between pairs of raised rosettes. These motifs are most likely amulet in function which ancient Armenians worshiped.

Arm Root
Arm Root was founded in 2011 by Tatevik Hovakimyan, an artisan from Armenia passionate about creating modern jewelry inspired by ancient Armenian motifs found throughout the region’s rich history. Aiming to preserve the age-old tradition of silver art, each piece, created using modern technology, carries the rich culture and traditions of the Van and Urartu kingdoms and features patterns inspired by Armenian architecture and khachkars (cross-stones).