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Double-sided Pendant "Urartu"

By: Arm Root

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Sterling Silver

Collection  “Urartu”

The art of jewellery is much more beautiful when it incorporates history. A historical hint օn the Kingdom of  Van in 9-6 centuries B.C. The collection has been created based on the bronze shield of Sarduri II (Karmir Blur, Museum of History of Armenia) as well as the jewelry art of Urartu.

Arm Root
Arm Root was founded in 2011 by Tatevik Hovakimyan, an artisan from Armenia passionate about creating modern jewelry inspired by ancient Armenian motifs found throughout the region’s rich history. Aiming to preserve the age-old tradition of silver art, each piece, created using modern technology, carries the rich culture and traditions of the Van and Urartu kingdoms and features patterns inspired by Armenian architecture and khachkars (cross-stones).