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My Only One Necklace

By: Argi Daneli

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14k Goldfilled + Italian Glass Beads + Swarovski Crystals + 17” - Black and Yellow Crystals

14k Goldfilled + Freshwater Pearls + Italian Glass + 17”- Freshwater Pearls


Argineh Danelian - ARGI DANELI

ARGI DANELI launched in August 2019 when founder and CEO Argineh Danelian discovered a gap in the handmade jewelry world. Her collection of gold filled and sterling silver jewelry is decorated with Swarovski crystals, Italian glass beads, and other high-quality materials at an affordable price point. Passionate about her heritage, Danelian often incorporates designs and materials that honor the Armenian culture. For Valentine's Day 2021, she designed the WE ARE THE SEEDS Collection using pomegranate seeds as charms. Danelian also designed FORGET ME NOT acrylic handbags in memory of the Armenian Genocide using pressed natural flowers in purple and yellow.