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Hayr Mer Ornament

By: Yevofeh

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Clear glass “Hayr Mer” prayer cross ornament.


Eleen Abadjian - Brand "Yevofeh"

I was born in Toronto, Canada, I grew up within the Armenian community, I attended HMEM scouts, Armenian School, and Armenian church every Sunday. I have vivid memories of looking at the art inside the church, being inspired by the beauty in the intricate designs. After moving from Canada to the United States, this Armenian part of my life dwindled, and what remained was my connections to my Armenian family members. And while I recognize how lucky I am to be a member of a vibrant Armenian community in Los Angeles, CA., I always aspired for a deeper connection.

In 2008 I started by drawing trchnakir inspired names for family and friends and from there it developed into my business, Yevofeh. I enjoy sharing my love for Armenian art and culture with not only the Armenian community but with all that are interested in the beauty of the art.