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Eternity Necklace

By: Vertexx

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The sign of eternity is an ancient Armenian national symbol which can be found in many places, especially on khachkars and on the walls of churches. It symbolizes the eternity and prosperity of our country. Another name of this symbol is Arevakhach which means a sun cross.

Pendant: 18K Gold Plated, material base is. 925 Silver
Chain: 18K Gold Plated, material base is Stainless Steel


Maria Kobalyan - Brand "Vertexx"

Vertexx believes that every piece of jewelry is a piece of art that tells its own story.We strive to create luxury pieces that initiate meaningful conversations and spark everlasting connections. Based out of Los Angeles, we are deeply inspired by the restless urban environment and abundance of diversity. We hope you find pieces that embrace your unique beauty. Vertexx bridges the gap between industrial hardware and minimal luxury by molding the two together so you can wear pieces that inherently match your unique personality that best represents you. In geometry, a vertex is the highest point where two lines meet to form an angle. Here, we like to focus on an architectural approach where objects become starting points of your daily conversations. By using precision milling along with 3D modeling and CNC machining, our wearable hardware stays true to form, and functions to elevate your style.