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Dream Coat

By: Nune Handmade

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The coat is double-sided, flowing, with a noble sheen and astrakhan texture! Luxurious, stylish. The work took almost a month. A special layout technique allows you to achieve extraordinary comfort and a flowing texture. Based on Italian merino wool, soft and hypoallergenic. On both sides, eucalyptus viscose fibers of different shades were used. The surface is shiny, astrakhan and changes color depending on the lighting. Be unique!

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Nune Handmade
A dentist by trade, Nune Chukhajyan was introduced to the craft of felting and fell in love with the art and technique of nuno felting, a special technique that combines silk and loose wool. Nune specializes in eco-printed silk scarves, which are medium printed with the leaves and petals of different trees and flowers, including eucalyptus, acacia, chestnut, peonies and roses. Each piece in the Nune Handmade collection combines the therapeutic energies of plants and the soft, healing virtues of wool. With a diverse range of designs and products, Nune’s portfolio includes everything from silk scarves to wool felted vests, jackets, brooches and bags. Each piece is made from the finest natural materials, including Australian Merino wool, silk and Czech crystal beads.