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Dragon Carpet Tie

By: Erebuni Clothing

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The symbols have been found in the caves and mountains of Artsakh centuries BCE, and now they found their way back to Erebuni Clothing carpet-tie line. The dominant dragon is a symbol of protection in ancient mythology, and with the modernized fashion elements of this tie, it quickly becomes suitable for any occasion. Hidden symbols of a man out on a hunt, male and female symbols
similar to the ying-yang philosophy, and the gradient of the blue, gray, and yellow all make this tie very special, for any professional or celebratory occasion.

Material: recycled eco-friendly material, and 100% recyclable, polyester and cotton mix.

Packaging: all recycled eco-friendly material. 100% recyclable.

Erebuni Clothing

Erebuni Clothing, is a clothing company founded in Boston, handmade in Armenia, that is inspired by ancient Armenian carpet and rug designs, intertwined with modern international fashion patterns, trends and vibes. It is the very first clothing line of its kind, as the designs are completely original, packed with hidden historical messages, stories and symbols, while the eco-friendly material and texture is novel to the clothing type. Its unmatched versatility of color patterns and designs is packed with vibrant energy which opens the door for anyone to tailor to their personal style.