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Janik Ring

By: Muradian

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• Armenian Embroidery has a rich history,  traditions, and techniques...
• Armenian JANIAK (LACE) is one of the greatest and unique types of needlework, • which was and still continues to be alive in Armenia...  
• The creation of JANIAK Collection  was inspired by Lace delicate ornaments and patterns...  
• The aim of creating this beauty is to share those nice patterns in the world, that each woman could wear those delicate emotions on her every single day...

• Armenian Janiak was usual compared with delicate ornaments of cross-stones… 

Tatevik Muradyan - MURADiAN
MURADiAN is a jewelry collection inspired by the ornamental patterns of traditional Armenian embroidered carpets. Each piece in the MURADiAN collection features the intricate designs developed and used for generations in the Marash and Ayntab cities of historic Cilicia. The artist behind the brand, Tatevik Muradyan, believes in the ability to incorporate traditional art and cultural traditions in modern, stylish and wearable jewelry pieces.