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Parajanov Brooch

By: Gatyan

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This brooch is a tribute to one of the brightest minds of 20’s century Sergey Parajanov. He was the master of the cinema world who created a new and unique style in the world art. He brought colors and light to the gray reality of his time. His genius has created one of the most iconic films of Armenian cinematography “The Color of Pomegranates”. Sofiko Chiaureli not only starred in this movie but also was a part of The Master’s crazy world and art. That’s why this brooch represents the two of them as a single whole. Those who are in love with art, cinema and all the extraordinary – will like it for sure, and will wear it to get a small piece of The Master’s genius and energy.

Karen Khlghatyan - Gatyan
Founded in 2018 by Karen Khlghatyan, Gatyan features unique brooches, each that tells its own story. Challenged by the idea of creating original jewelry for the modern Armenian man, Khlghatyan first focused the collection on emphasizing masculinity and the male identity. As the brand evolved, the Gatyan collection now features a range of accessories for both men and women that radiates the passion and emotion of the creative designers.