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Brain Support & Mental Focus

By: Mashkinc

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Our Brain Support Natural supplement is made with all pure ingredients to enhance the mind. It provides mental clarity, assists natural cognitive functions. Vitamin rich formula to help give mental-energy food, this allows the mind to be more alert and awakened.

We need our focus, mental clarity, good memory and cognitive function on daily basis. Rich in Vitamins, Amino acids, natural stimulants and Phosphatidylserine which is essential for memory- important for many functions in the human body, especially in the brain. Vitamin B6 also helps to prevent brain fog for clarity, creativity, focus, and memory. Perfect for boosting concentration and motivation.

Is your memory serving you correctly? Well... it will now! with Mashk Brain Support.

INSTRUCTIONS: Take one capsule daily.

Contains 30 capsules- 1 month supply.

Mashk Inc.

  • Founded by: Zepure Jerahain
  • Known for: helping people look and feel better inside and out
  • Inspiration: Love for natural skin care products
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Zepure started her journey towards soon to build Mashk Inc. around the time when her kids were old enough to give mommy the chance to get back into her creative self. Read more