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Aurelie Pendant

By: Madeinlove

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Minimalist dainty necklace gold plated 925 Sterling Silver.

A versatile complement to any look, this shimmering necklace pairs a delicate chain.
It looks simple, contemporary and timeless.

Simple enough to be worn alone or paired with other pieces.

The pendant has been carved by hand in jewelers wax, It is then cast in Silver so that it is solid, finished with a high polish.



Mariam Ayvazyan - Brand "Madeinlove"


Having achieved major international success in numerous architectural endeavors, I have now realized the opportunity to embrace my other passion in that of artistic jewelry design. Being an only child for a while, and having to figure out new ways to entertain myself, crafting in its varied forms allowed me to create a world for myself. Each stunning piece is hand made and is comprised of the highest quality materials.
My brand is celebrating design and craftsmanship. Our fine and demi-fine jewelry is made to be worn, layered, gifted and enjoyed every day.

Be it the gold hoops swaying from your ears or the delicate necklace sliding along your neckline, each piece is reimagined as an essential facet of your style identity day after day.

My desire is to create unique and luxurious jewelry for a new generation. Acute attention-to-detail is in everything I do, making MIL pieces refined, intelligent and joyful.

Creating design-led jewelry to be worn every day.