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Armenian Tiles of Jerusalem 3

By: Aluna

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100% silk

Inspired by Armenian ceramics and tiles of Jerusalem

Double-sided printing, 35.4"x35.4"



Aluna is a line of scarves, ties, pocket squares, and other accessories created by Tatevik Sayadyan, whose designs demonstrate a love for Armenia filtered through the lens of contemporary thought and processes. Growing up in a family of artists, and surrounded by art, Sayadyan was naturally drawn to art as a profession. After graduating from Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts with a specialty in textile design, Sayadyan was faced with the decline of the textile industry in Armenia and found a career as a textile/graphic designer in Los Angeles, where she lived for 16 years before repatriating to Armenia in 2014. She began freelancing as a fabric designer for various manufacturers and, in 2018, started Aluna, named after her daughter.