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Armenian Alphabet Unisex Baby Blanket by Anet's Collection

By: Anet's Collection

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Armenian Alphabet Unisex baby blanket with a ballad of the Armenian Alphabet laid over a traditional Armenian carpet in pastel colors of pink, purple, blue and green on a grey base.

  • 30" x 40"
  • whip stitch edge finish
  • Edge to edge sublimation
  • Ultra-smooth Micro Mink polyester face
  • Luxurious sherpa lining
  • Made in USAkids
Anet's Collection: Where Art Meets Fashion

    Dress to success with less expense with Anet's Collection art inspired scarves and give the meaningful experience of gifting that brings different cultures of the world together.
Specializing in Affordable luxury Armenian gifts for women and men.

Our mission is to partner with women and children based non-profit organizations through collaboration to raise funds and give back to our community and bring awareness to different cultures.

About the Artist:

Anet Abnous is a Los Angeles-based Armenian American artist whose vision is instituted on feminine beauty and empowerment. With female figures as her muse, she creates breathtaking and abstract imagery symbolizing women’s liberation and rights.

Anet’s Collection is “Wearable, Tangible Art” which is the culmination of Anet’s dream to merge fine art, fashion and storytelling through stylish tees, fashionable scarves and unisex accessories.