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Anti-Cellulite Bar Soap

By: Mashkinc

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Mashk Coffee grinds anti cellulite soap bar is made using ingredients that are knows to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. In addition it has massage nodules to help provide for a deep tissue massage to break up fatty pockets. Coffee stimulates circulation, kelp draws out impurities and reduces puffiness, juniper berry works on the fatty layers by reducing fluid retention and grapefruit tightens and tones. Mashk cleansing bar is renowned for its detoxifying and purifying abilities.


Use this deep penetrating and fat emulsifying bar daily or as often as you can. Massage the nodules over troubled areas in circular motion to exfoliate deep into your pores and stimulate blood circulation. Rinse thoroughly, follow with our anti cellulite cream. You will notice the difference immediately. A softer, more smoother and toned skin.


Glycerin Soap, Coffee Grinds, Kelp Powder, Juniper Berry Powder, Grapefruit Oil, Fragrance

Mashk Inc.

  • Founded by: Zepure Jerahain
  • Known for: helping people look and feel better inside and out
  • Inspiration: Love for natural skin care products
  • Passion: to create and share
  • Drive: entrepreneurial spirit
  • Favorite 3in1 square: Apricot, pink ruby sorbet, Mandarin vanilla, Lavender
  • Heroes: my husband and my kids
  • Motto: Closer to the nature, the better our skin looks and feels

Zepure started her journey towards soon to build Mashk Inc. around the time when her kids were old enough to give mommy the chance to get back into her creative self. Read more