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Piafchik Handmade

Lina Gagikyan

Copyright Handmade Jewelry 
One Of a Kind

A time-honored shade of green. A slight detail, crowning "Piafchik Handmade" custom creations with unique ancient veils. A long-lasting and painstaking process of creation graces the world with exclusive pieces of jewelry. The tandem of professional skills and the academic art education help the author to deliver an outstanding result. A unique graphic processing takes place for every single sketch, which is engraved on the metal afterwards. The pieces are never molded or copied. What makes "Piafchik handmade" remarkable, is an exceptional sense of responsibility and love for every single creation.The art of creating is not an indurate order for the author. It is an immeasurable world saturated with true Armenian soul. "Piafchik Handmade" unique creations have been presented in numerous exhibitions, including charitable ones, receiving highest recognition and admiration.Armenian roots in every expression, Armenian arts, have granted "Piafchik Handmade" with their appraisals. We strongly hope that our brand with gain its everlasting podium among the international exhibitions and connoisseurs.