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Gisaneh Brand

Heghnar Petrosyan

I'm Heghnar Petrosyan. I studied at Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in painter-illustrator. In 1999 I created the Gisaneh Jewelry brand: jewelry with natural flowers, leaves, seeds. Before plants turned into ornaments, I used them in my illustrations for children's books. Then I tried to use the dried flowers on the applied items. They were wooden frames, boxes, hangers and finally jewelry made of cardboard and varnish. Soon after, the cardboard was replaced by noble metal with silver and the varnish with a resin solution. So after such long struggles, what I received really pleased me, and I wanted to develop it.
Creation jewelry with flowers has become my main job thanks to the many women who carry them and inspire me.
And I'm happy to convey the love I feel when creating them.

Each piece is as unique as nature.

We create ornaments with nature inside them.
We create ornaments with flowers, plants and seeds.
When you put our ornaments on, you will have a particle of nature with you.
We are happy to give you the love we have when creating them.
We are happy to give you the positive energy we have when creating them.
It is important to us to make each detail with love.
When our clients are satisfied, it inspires us.
Our ornaments are exclusive, we are not interested to make the same ornament twice.
Our ornaments do not repeat themselves as the nature does not.